Sustainability lecture series

Sustainability has become an increasingly important attribute of economic activities describing methods of production, but also qualities of consumption and attributes of capital investment.

In part, this reflects popular concern with environmental preservation, but it may also reflect changes in tastes among consumers and investors.

“Sustainability” may also be a marketing device which can be employed successfully by large corporations and small businesses alike.

In September-October 2012, Maastricht University’s Studium Generale offered a series of five separate lectures on sustainability.
1. Innovation for Sustainable Development: Prof. René Kemp

Review: Prof. René Kemp: “Sustainability is a moral obligation”


2. Responsible Investing: Prof. Rob Bauer

Review: Prof. Rob Bauer: “It is possible to practise responsible investment”

3. Sustainable Property, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the Real Estate Sector: Prof. Piet Eichholtz

Review: Prof. Piet Eichholtz on the economic benefits of green buildings


4. Sustainable Development from a Humanistic Perspective, the relation between needs and novelty: Prof. Harro van Lente

Review: Prof. Harro van Lente: “Let’s rethink innovation from a more sustainable perspective”


5. Sustainable Banking, sustainable necessity and success in international finance: Prof. Jaap Bos

Review: Prof. Jaap Bos on Responsible Investing in Commodities: “I can convince you that it’s not that simple”


Our special thanks go to International Business Economics student Ana Mihail, who wrote all of the reviews.