Global Entrepreneurship Week in Maastricht: What does it take to go from good to great? Review, Lectures and Interviews

The Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship has made it a tradition to join in the Global Entrepreneurship Week in early November 2012. Aimed at inspiring students and entrepreneurs all over the world, GEW Maastricht reached over 200 students through high quality events such as the GEW Conference, the Local Heroes Business Plan Award and an Innovation Safari to the Limburg multinational company DSM.

The GEW Conference on Tuesday 12 November gathered a speaker lineup of 11 successful entrepreneurs, among whom two SBE alumni, who shared their professional experience and insights with an attentive audience of future entrepreneurs.

Talkin’Business covered the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Maastricht with the following postings:

Feature article:

GEW Conference in Maastricht : What does it take to go from good to great? A review by Ana Mihail 

Video films:

    • SBE alumnus Bert Habets is CEO of RTL Netherlands. In this presentation, he said that even though he has never been an entrepreneur himself, he applies entrepreneurial thinking in everything he does. He believes that great teams grow together, build competencies and gain momentum.

    • SBE alumnus Marc van der Chijs is the co-founder, together with Gary Wang, of the popular Chinese video sharing website, also coined “the Chinese YouTube”. In his presentation, Van der Chijs described passion and motivation as the main drivers in his life as an entrepreneur.

    • SBE Dean Jos Lemmink gave a detailed presentation of the mission and work of the Service Science Factory.

Video interviews:

    • RTL Netherlands CEO Bert Habets: “The way we watch television is definitely going to change in the years to come”

    • SBE alumnus Marc van der Chijs on entrepreneurship: “I don’t think I could do something for more than five years


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