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Did you know that our students can study emerging markets and during their study they complete an internship in an emerging economy?

Emerge was founded as an informal student association to build a fundament for the Emerging Markets Specialization. Recently, Emerge joined SCOPE[1]

Our activities centre around the emerging markets curriculum at the School of Business and Economics (SBE), but Emerge plans to extend their membership to students from  other faculties and will be open for students who are interested in doing business in Emerging Markets, Developing Economics and Growth, or who are just simply interested in other cultures and lifestyles. We plan to offer language courses, Debate Cafés and hope that our alumni will come back for guest lectures and share their experiences of doing business in an emerging economy.

Can we learn about emerging economies at your organisation?
also organises study trips. At the beginning of the academic year, we visited the World Bank in Paris to gain  insights in developing economics and learn about the current projects the World Bank set up and finance at the moment. (See photo below.)

Alumni can help by sharing their internships with us.
Students in the Emerging Markets programme are required to complete an internship in an emerging economy. More information about the study programmes can be found below.

Per September 2018, we students can follow the  MSc Economics and Strategy in Emerging  Markets programme in cooperation with UNU-MERIT (United Nations University)

For more information please contact:

[1] Emerge is part of the new Emerging Markets pillar at SCOPE Maastricht. The pillar is dedicated to provide extra-curricular activities for students studying/interested in emerging markets

Study trip Emerge - BSc Emerging Markets students visit World Bank in Paris

Study trip Emerge – BSc Emerging Markets students visit World Bank in Paris


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