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Each month, we will include a column in our newsletter highlighting the activities of SCOPE, the official Study Association of the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University.

Welcome to the Spotlight on SCOPE news column
SCOPE’s goal with regards to alumni is to create a bridge between the student and professional life, to organise alumni events and, most important, to keep you informed about how SCOPE can serve you.

SCOPE Maastricht: Who we are and what we do
SCOPE has an impressive number of more than 4,000 members—bachelor’s as well as master’s students. It was created in 2011 as a merger from the study associations EFM Academy and FAME Cooperation. Other study associations under FAME included 3MA (which later became SCOPE | 3MA), FS FOCUS (which later became SCOPE | FOCUS), IES Network (which later became SCOPE | Economics) and Vectum (which later became SCOPE | Vectum).

Nowadays, it is known as SCOPE Maastricht, or simply SCOPE for short, and encompasses three main pillars that cover the core interests of the former study associations: Marketing and Management, Economics and Finance, and General. Nevertheless, SCOPE targets current students but is also committed to keeping engaged with our alumni.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 16.53.27Keeping LinkedIn with SCOPE
Find out more about SCOPE Maastricht check out our latest updates and events, by following the LinkedIn company page of SCOPE Maastricht.

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Join us for SCOPE Alumni Day
Mark your calendar! On 24 March 2018, the annual SCOPE Alumni Day will take place in Maastricht. Attendees will have the opportunity to come back to the city where everything started, where you had your first experiences in your educational and professional field and where you formed lasting memories. Also, it is a day for getting in touch with other “boardies”, to talk about the development of SCOPE and in general about interesting topics and SCOPE developments.

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What to expect? An interactive outdoor activity where you will compete against other SCOPE alumni  while visiting the most beautiful places of Maastricht again. Afterwards, a big get together, including a delicious culinary experience, interesting conversations, drinks, maybe some dancing and simply a night to remember.

Ask Julia!
How can SCOPE serve alumni? Want to share something? Send your question or comments to our new SCOPE alumni officer, Julia! Email:

Board Picture Julia MurlowskiJulia Murlowski is a second-year bachelor’s student in International Business at SBE. She is responsible for the alumni relations of SCOPE Maastricht.

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