Four SBE alumni selected as ’30 in their 30’s Women Professionals in Competition Economics’ 2017 in Brussels

On 16 February 2017, W@Competition—a platform aiming to help promote and connect women in the Competition Practice—announced for the first time a list of ‘30 in their 30s Women Competition Professionals.’

Annemieke Tuinstra-Karel (second from left), Carina Lange (fifth from left), Julia Dietrich (sixth from left) and Marie Goppelsroeder (eigth from left)

Annemieke Tuinstra-Karel (second from left), Carina Lange (fifth from left), Julia Dietrich (sixth from left) and Marie Goppelsroeder (eigth from left)

Four Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) alumni were selected to be on the list of top young female Competition Economists, based on the merits of their work. An independent jury selected them from anonymous submissions in which each nominee shared their work achievements in the field.

Amongst the top 30 young female Competition Economists in Europe are four Maastricht University School of Business and Economics graduates:

  • Julia Dietrich [MSc International Economic Studies 2002]: Julia is Associate Director at Frontier Economics. After many years in Brussels, Julia relocated to Frontier’s Cologne office in 2016. An expert in all types of competition issues, she regularly advises clients in merger and cartel investigations, on the assessment of abusive conduct and in litigation matters. Her previous work included numerous cases before the European Commission as well as national authorities and before courts across Europe, where she also appeared as an expert witness.
  • Marie Goppelroeder [MSc International Economic Studies 2003]: Marie is Economist at the merger network of the European Commission (DG Competition). Previously, she was a member of the Chief Economist Team specialising in empirical techniques in merger cases. Her experience covers antitrust, state aid and merger cases with particular emphasis on vertical mergers. Marie co-drafted the revision of the European Energy & Environmental State aid Guidelines. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Amsterdam where she is a guest lecturer.
  • Carina Lange [MSc International Economic Studies 2009, study track Behavioural Economics]: Carina works as Senior Consultant at CEG where she provides economic advice on State aid, competition, litigation and regulation. Previously, she worked at PwC Netherlands as economic and strategic advisor for public and private parties. Carina specialised in State aid and successfully helped clients getting approval by the European Commission for state supported projects, by providing substantiated economic analysis.
  • Annemieke Tuinstra-Karel [MSc International Economic Studies 2001]: She is Senior Economist at the Chief Economist team of the Dutch Autoriteit Consument & Markt (ACM). Annemieke has a background in competition economics and a strong interest in the behaviour of firms and consumers. She works at the intersection of competition, consumer protection and economic science, and uses insights from all three areas to help ensure better outcomes for consumers. She previously worked as Economic Advisor at the Competition Commission in the UK.

The four SBE alumni learned about the honour during the award ceremony in Brussels, the centre of the European Competition profession.

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