Video: The 2017 Joan Muysken Lecture, ‘The Eurozone, groupthink and denial on a grand scale’

Bill Mitchell, Professor of Economics at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia and a notable proponent of Modern Monetary Theory, presented the 2017 Joan Muysken Lecture on 6 March. The lecture, ‘The Eurozone, groupthink and denial on a grand scale’, is based on Mitchell’s book of the same name, which argues that the political class in Europe is trapped in a destructive groupthink which prevents it from seeing their own policy failures.

This lecture was organised in cooperation with the School of Business and Economics. The Joan Muysken Lecture has been named after Joan Muysken, SBE’s first professor of macroeconomics (1984-2014). He was the founding father of SBE’s department of Economics.


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