SBE graduate Nick Ummels on how the Thesis Internship Programme (TIP) helped him win a good job

SBE graduate Nick Ummels participated in the Thesis-Internship Programme (TIP) while completing his Masters in International Business. During this programme, a students’ thesis is written on a topic relevant to a company or organisation during a part-time internship. This gives the thesis focus and applicability and gives the student practical work experience.

UM helps its students to become more employable and enter the job market with confidence through various employability projects. For more information on such projects with SBE, read this Q&A with its first employability coordinator, Simon Beausaert.

The following is taken from a longer article that was originally published in UM Magazine.


In February Nick Ummels, a graduate of the Bachelor in International Business, completed the Master in International Business specialising in Supply Chain Management. He was one of the first SBE students to take part in the Thesis Internship Programme (TIP).

P%204%20Nick%20UmmelsSuccessfully, too: before even finishing the internship he was offered a job by his favoured employer, Boston Scientific. “TIP allows you to combine writing your thesis with a practical assignment. At Boston I studied how returns are handled and wrote a proposal with recommendations for improvement. Another UM student will be studying the follow-up, also as part of her master’s programme.”

Ummels’s proposal apparently went down well with his bosses, because the internship quickly turned into a job. In May he moved into the Department of Demand Planning. “It’s exactly what I want, working in a dynamic company and getting to focus on logistical flows. With Medtronic, Abbott and Boston Scientific, South Limburg is home to a number of large distributors of medical equipment and instruments. It’s a market that will continue to grow and that really appeals to me.”

From its base in Kerkrade, Boston Scientific supplies countries all over Europe as well as numerous small distribution centres in the Middle East and Asia. “The challenge is to deliver the supplies as quickly as possible. Demand planning plays an important role in stock management and production management in the US and South America. This is where my degrees in International Business and Supply Chain Management come together.”

Ummels was pleased with the supervision he received from the internship team. “TIP was still in its pilot phase at the time, but everything was well organised and the company was very welcoming right from the outset. Combining my studies with a 24-hour-a-week internship turned out to be no problem. It’s ideal if you can base your thesis around a practical internship and then also get a nice job out of it.”

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