Videos: Dutch Basic Income Association celebrates its 25th year in Maastricht; experts weigh in on whether basic income can work

Earlier this year, the Dutch Basic Income Association (Vereniging Basisinkomen) celebrated its 25th year with a conference in Maastricht. For three days in January, approximately 150 people–politicians, councilors, scholars and activists–gathered in the city to discuss the various controversies and misunderstandings relating to definitions in the Netherlands about all kinds of initiatives concerning the universal basic income (UBI).

Professor Luc Soete, professor of International Economic Relations at the School of Business and Economics (SBE), shares his ideas about UBI in the following interview.

Watch more interviews and talks of other experts–Sjir Hoeijmakers (and his lecture), Jan Atze Nicolai, Eric ManneschmidtAndré Willems and Guy Standing.







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