Sustained collaboration between Henkel and the Emerging Markets programme

Henkel visited Maastricht in February for a full-day workshop with the first group of students in the new Emerging Markets specialisation at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE). Henkel’s SBE ambassador Marco Hartmann, Manager in their Corporate Finance unit, started off the day with an overview presentation of Henkel and the continuous enlargement of its business in emerging markets.

henkel_EM-1140x642He emphasized Henkel’s efforts to strengthen their global team with talented individuals, in line with its global initiative ATTRACT which aims at attracting promising young individuals through close ties with selected universities. Mr Hartmann was accompanied by four senior managers who shared their emerging markets experiences from the viewpoint of the Beauty Care, Adhesive Technologies, Market Research and Finance units.

As a finale to the workshop, the students had to present their suggested solutions to a case that illustrated a variety of challenges associated with doing business in emerging markets, directly followed by a social event where the students had the opportunity to interact with the visitors from Henkel in a more informal manner. The interactions throughout the day and evening laid the foundation for sustained collaboration between Henkel and the Emerging Markets programme, which has already resulted in multiple internships as well as projects within SBE courses.

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