Video: Paul Grauwe receives honorary doctorate, delivers lecture at 40th Dies Natalis

On Monday, 11 January 2016, Maastricht University (UM) celebrated the 40th Dies Natalis in the St. Janskerk, under the theme ‘40 years young; the past, the future’. During the Dies celebrations we looked back on the university’s forty-year history and its many accomplishments over the years.

As part of the celebration, Professor Paul Grauwe received his honorary doctorate for his contributions to research on international monetary relations and open-economy macroeconomics on which he has written influential text books. But he also received this doctorate for his many contributions to the policy debates about the current situation in Europe and the future of Europe.

Watch his lecture, “My Economic Thoughts Revisited” below.

For more on Prof De Grauwe, read this article from the latest issue of Observant, the independent weekly Maastricht University, and watch his 2015 lecture, “Is the Eurocrisis Over?”

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