Results of “Women in Academia” project presented: How to achieve gender equity in universities (video)

The higher up the career ladder you look, the fewer women you see in universities in the Netherlands. Nine percent of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics professors are women – but this can and must be improved, according to Dr. Lisa Brüggen of SBE.

NaamloosBrüggen, who created the Elinor Ostrom Fund in 2014 to provide a long-term source of funding for women at Maastricht University, was the project leader of the “Women in Academia” Service Science project initiated by the faculty board of SBE.

The goal of the project was to identify the reasons why women are underrepresented at all academic levels and to develop concrete strategies to help SBE to change this situation.

The results of the study formed the input for a set of recommendations to attract, retain and develop all talent with the goal to position SBE in the following way: “SBE – where all talent can flourish.”

These recommendations were announced on 9 June at a presentation and panel discussion. For more details and impressions of the project watch this video.



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