Maastricht team wins the 2015 Edition of the “Econometric Game”

With much pleasure we let you all know that the Maastricht team won the 2015 Edition of the annual Econometric Game that took place this week in Amsterdam. The event, described as the “World Championship of Econometrics,” ended 7 April after three days of intensive work.

The Maastricht team was made out of Andreea Bicu (PhD student at AE2, former EFR Research Master, “Captain” of the team), Rogier Quaedvlieg (NWO PhD student at Finance, former MSc Econometrics and MSc Financial Economics), Mark van der Spoel (current MSc Econometrics) and Lin Yicong (current EFR Research Master student).

No less than 30 universities from all around the world were participating (see the list here, including some of the absolute bests in the field. After a first selection based on a first empirical case on “Sharing longevity risk”, the best ten teams were selected by the jury to go to the final. These were  Carlos III Madrid, Mc Gill, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Harvard, UvA, Maastricht, Aarhus, Antwerp, Copenhagen and Prague.  Yesterday the finalists had, within less than a day,  to write a paper (estimation, simulating scenarios, discussing pros and cons, quantitative analysis of welfare gains from implementing these strategies…) on mitigating longevity risk through different policies/strategies.  The final presentations took place early evening.

Later in the evening, the Maastricht team was officially declared winner of this 2015 edition!  On the second position we have Illinois Urb. Champ; Harvard ended up third.  This is the second time that the Maastricht team wins this prestigious scientific competition (first time was in 2011).  We are all super proud of our student/team members, all former or current  EFR Research Master and econometrics students, for their absolutely wonderful job!

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