Studium Generale event: Joris Luyendijk to debate the ethics of banking

Joris Luyendijk–Dutch writer, anthropologist, journalist and talk show host–will be visiting Maastricht tomorrow night, taking part in a discussion about the future of banking and ethics called “Changing Economy – Talk Show.”


Together with economist Tomáš Sedláček, Luyendijk will be examining questions such as is banking just a technical discipline? Is interest rate, one of the core ideas of banking, an ethical issue? Do bankers need to learn not only about money but also about morality?

The event is part of the 30-year anniversary celebration of SBE, and was a joint effort of the SBE study association SCOPE | Economics and Studium Generale. Read more about it here.

Luyendijk currently resides in London, where he is a correspondent for The Guardian. His latest book, “Dit kan niet waar zijn,” in Dutch only, was published this month.

Listen to a VPRO interview with Luyendijk here (in Dutch).

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