SBE students receive theses prizes at Dies Natalis 2015 awards ceremony

As in previous years the Dies Natalis celebration includes the presentation of various awards: the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize, the Dissertation Prize and the Student Prizes for the best Master’s and Bachelor’s theses of 2014. This year, six SBE students received theses awards–four Bachelor’s students and two Master’s students.

The winners, listed below, were selected based on academic performance, GPA, and the quality of their thesis.

Winners for Bachelor’s theses:

Jacqueline Schulte – SBE
Title: Transactive Memory and Group Decision-Making Outcomes in Virtual Teams

Michael Pollmann – SBE
Title: Are you sure you are using the correct model? Model Selection and Model Averaging for Impulse Responses

Marline Wethkamp – SBE
Title: The Effect of E-Voting on Turnout. Empirical Evidence from the Swiss Canton Zurich

Koen Cremers – SBE
Title: Inheritance Taxation; Wanted Death? Or Wanted Alive?

Winners for Master’s theses:

Teresa Laukötter – SBE
Title: Girls versus Boys? – How Children react to a Higher Share of Female Peers

Hartl Maël – SBE
Title: Time series analysis of option pricing models

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