SBE students are showing love for Coffeelovers by brewing up solutions to the company’s big questions

Many SBE students count on Coffeelovers to prepare and serve espressos for quick pick-me-ups, lattes for long study sessions and cappuccinos for relaxed chats between classes. And now students are saying thank you—by solving business problems for the coffee company. Both masters and bachelors students at SBE have been working on real-life company case studies submitted by local companies—finding solutions for questions such as what motivates a particular target audience and how to introduce a specific service to different target markets. Masters students participating in a course called Strategic Performance Analysis have worked on cases presented by Coffeelovers/Blance Dael, as well as Medtronic, G+S and Liko BV. Bachelor students taking the Marketing Management course focused on problems put forth by Vadotex, Makerpoint Maastricht and Pendo. afb084e98e9de065d23314b5d98bbc09The broad range of markets in which participating companies are operating—from coffee to children’s pajamas, from 3D printing to a new approach to social marketplaces—speaks to the students’ abilities to apply learned concepts to diverse real-world situations, a skill which local companies can now tap into by submitting their case studies to be used in these courses. “It is a great way for our students to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, and to get the opportunity to familiarise themselves with a local organisation,” says M.E.A. Aguirre Lopez, course coordinator for the bachelors course. The companies, in turn, will benefit from the knowledge and enthusiasm of the students. Strategy is an important part of a company’s success, but many companies find it difficult to establish or measure strategic goals—a problem SBE students can now help solve. “The participating companies have provided interesting case studies for the students to sink their teeth into,” says Alexander Brüggen, associate professor and course coordinator for the masters course. “Two organisations have requested specific strategic performance indicators. One would like to update their strategy and another would like advice on an acquisition.” The courses give students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with a local organisation. The companies, in turn, will benefit from the knowledge and enthusiasm of the students.

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