Keuzegids 2015: 3 out of 4 SBE bachelor’s programmes in first place

Maastricht University (UM) has been given high marks in the Keuzegids, the annual guide to Dutch universities. SBE did particularly well, with 3 out of 4 programmes in first place.

Of the 17 UM bachelor’s programmes included in the 2015 rankings, 9 came in first place. University College Maastricht (UCM), Knowledge Engineering and Economics & Business Economics were identified as top programmes across all higher education disciplines by receiving the Quality Seal. This recognition is reserved for programmes that receive an overall score of at least 76 (and an evaluation of ‘++’ or higher).

UCM received the maximum total score of 100 points (+++), Knowledge Engineering 80 (++) and Economics & Business Economics 78 (++).

The programmes that topped the rankings in their respective fields are Econometrics, International Business, Fiscal Economics, Tax Law, European Law School, Dutch Law, European Studies, Knowledge Engineering and University College Maastricht. Notably, all Faculty of Law programmes came in first place with a significant improvement of their scores compared to last year.


The top-performing UM programmes score well in the areas of Content, Facilities and especially Practical Orientation. Figures show that UM’s educational model Problem-Based Learning is effective: of all Dutch universities, UM has the highest percentage of students graduating within five years. According to students, the programmes prepare them well for the labour market.

The Keuzegids is compiled annually for prospective university students by an independent editorial board from the Centre for Higher Education Information. Rankings are based on evaluations by students and experts on the given institution’s bachelor’s programmes, lecturers, facilities and more.

The full Keuzegids Universiteiten 2015 can be ordered in print or viewed online for a fee at

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