SBE during PAS: Lectures on Brain and Behaviour, Social Millionaires, Internet and Economy

Saturday 13 September, SBE will participate in the Parcours of Art and Science (PAS). The event features 13 hidden treasures in the city centre which will stimulate your mind and senses. The programme consists of lectures, theatre performances, installations, demonstrations, music, film screenings and, of course,  snacks and drinks. SBE joins the programme with three lectures, described below, and sponsors the Silent Disco in honour of the faculty’s 30th anniversary.

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Brain and Behaviour: experiment in strategic and social decision making (in English)

Dr. Matthew Embrey, PhD
Prof. Arno Riedl, Assistant Professor and Professor in Behavioural Economics

We humans are unique in the ability to put ourselves into the shoes of others and to interact cooperatively at an extent unparalleled in the animal kingdom. Recent developments in neuroscience, economy and game theory have brought insights in the behavioral as well as neural roots of these characteristics.

You can take part in an experiment and test your own behavior in strategic and social decision-making. In short, recent scientific findings will be presented. In addition to this experiment in the lab, it is possible to watch some short presentations on game theory in the room next door.

Time and location: 19:00-20:00 hrs, 20:00-21:00 hrs and 21:00-22:00 hrs at School of Business and Economics, Tongersestraat 53.

Social Millionaires (in Dutch)

Dr. Paul Smeets, Professor in Behavioural Economics

Time and location: 20:00-20:30 at School of Business and Economics, Tongersestraat 53.

Internet and Economy (in Dutch)

Dr. Huub Meijers, Professor in  Economics

Time and location: 20:45-21:15 at School of Business and Economics, Tongersestraat 53.


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