SBE set to launch joint CIMA programme in Suriname


After about a year of preparations, SBE and the FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social Studies (FHR for short) in Suriname are set to launch the first intake of a joint CIMA programme on 21 July 2014. The CIMA programme is an internationally recognised master level postgraduate programme in Management Accounting with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

FHR is a not-for-profit organisation established on 9 March 2000 as a living memory to Frederik Hendrik Rudolf Lim A Po (1900-1957), a fierce advocate of lifelong learning. FHR currently operates four Schools, including the FHR School of Management, running among others, an internationally (by AMBA, IACBE and ACBSP) accredited  Master of Business Administration Programme in cooperation  with Maastricht School of Management (MSM).

“The relationship between SBE started with the assignment of SBE lecturers to the MSM – MBA outreach programme in 2012,” explained FHR Director Dean Hans Lim A Po. “Prof. Philip Vergauwen was a lecturer of Management Control Systems in 2013  and following a successful assignment introduced us to the CIMA programme.”

“We developed the CIMA programme together with the FHR Institute,” said Dr. Alexander Brüggen, Associate Professor at SBE’s Department of Accounting and Information Management. “It is structured as a joint project of FHR, SBE and CIMA Global. SBE, and in particular the department of Accounting and Information Management, is responsible for all lecturers for the programme and acts as intermediary between FHR and CIMA Global.”


Top level functions in business

The recruitment of BBA and MBA students for the first intake is the responsibility of FHR,” said Lim A Po.

“Applicants are in their late 20s or early 30s and they all have work experience and at least a Bachelor’s degree,” explained Brüggen. “Their professional background can vary but they typically have general management functions and/or are working in management accounting/controlling functions,” he added.

Graduates will gain an internationally valuable and globally recognised ACMA/CGMA professional degree and receive the title Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in London. “This degree opens the door to many top level functions in business,” said Brüggen.

The FHR Institute will also take care of the infrastructure of the programme. “Our main challenge will to  manage the ‘hybrid’ form of tuition, being a combination of ‘in class’ lectures  (9 sessions of 6 days) and an online-study component,” said Lim A Po.

FHR in Suriname

Internationalisation and valorisation

“This is the only CIMA programme that SBE runs abroad,” said Brüggen. “We have excellent lecturers, but the challenge is to deliver excellent quality in a very different setting. This means, that a one-to-one application of our Problem Based Learning system does not work. Lecturers need to be open and flexible.”

The programme meets two aspects that are part of the strategy of SBE, i.e., internationalisation and valorisation. “That is it an international venture is obvious, but the FHR Institute pays us a fee for our service, which is to provide lecturers. Besides this, it is very rewarding to support a country in a critical phase of further development,” said Brüggen.

Photographs: FHR

By Sueli Brodin
Editor Talkin’Business

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