International PhD Colloquium on Finance and Economics


Fifty researchers in Finance and Economics ranging from PhD candidates to full-professors gathered at Maastricht University for the second International PhD Colloquium on 23 May 2014.

Organised by SBE’s Finance Department and GSBE, the colloquium was a joint initiative of four universities from four different countries -Maastricht University (the Netherlands), RWTH Aachen (Germany), Université de Liège (Belgium) and University of Luxembourg (Luxemburg).


Xisong Jin, LSF

The PhD colloquium had two objectives. First, to give an opportunity to young researchers to benefit from the experience of more senior and experienced colleagues. Second, to strengthen the international as well as regional bonds between universities with complementary skills.

Opening the gathering, SBE Dean Prof. Dr. Philip Vergauwen quoted Julian Barnes in his book Levels of Life to stress the importance of bringing people together through events such as the PhD colloquium. He praised the value of strong disciplinary and fundamental research as the basis for successful interdisciplinary research and valorisation.


Prof. Vergauwen’s speech was followed by presentations on the most recent advancements in empirical and theoretical research in Finance and Economics, from  topics such as risk management, portfolio management, to real estate, credit crisis and banking. Senior staff members then provided in-depth feedback on the various research papers.

During the lunch break at restaurant Reube, researcher Iman Honarvar said he highly valued the opportunity to present his work in an international setting and to receive comments from senior academics in his area of research. “I was initially apprehensive about speaking in front of an audience with such recognised researchers,”Honarvar said. “However, the remarkable quality of feedback that I received made presenting even more rewarding.”


Aline Muller (University of Liège)

Organiser Prof. Dr. Aline Muller commented that she was pleased to learn about the focus of research of the different universities.

The one-day event concluded with remarks from the colloquium coordinator Prof. Dr. Dennis Bams, who stressed the importance of research cooperation and announced the strong possibility for a similar event next year at Université de Liège under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Aline Muller.

Xavier Mouchette from the University of Luxembourg noted that the event has grown since last year with the addition of RWTH Aachen. “I am already looking forward to next year’s event,” he said.

By Mukul Tyagi, PhD candidate in Finance at SBE

Photo credits: Harry Heuts – Take a look at our photo album to see more photos of the event!


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