“New governance”: a top programme for (young) managers and administrators in the public domain

UMWhat is the most decisive: politics, law or profession? And what do vision and leadership mean in this context? Administrators are in the midst of the complex centre of democracy. They must ensure that policies are translated into added value for the community. Connected leadership is increasingly seen as a way to find answers to these questions. After a successful programme in 2012, another edition of “New Governance” with new guest speakers and lecturers will start in September 2014.

Connected leadership in the public domain will allow managers and administrators to create:

• an environment where people are respected and where they are followed voluntarily and not because it is expected, or out of fear for sanctions;

• their own setting based on integrity: say what you think and do what you say.

This requires professional rigor, entrepreneurship, networking, awareness of being part of a whole, being able to organize feedback and to exceed yourself in bridging contradictions.

New Governance is certificate programme in Dutch starting in September, until December (7 sessions).

It is organised in cooperation with Studiekring Verbindend Leiderschap Limburg.

SBE faculty: Marielle Heijltjes, Bert Schreurs.

Other faculty: Roel Meijers, Menno Lanting and (former) mayors and guest speakers from the field.

Locations: several locations in Limburg a.o. SBE.

Participants: To support especially (young) managers, administrators and councillors in their role in the public domain, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) and Studiekring Verbindend Leiderschap Limburg have developed the programme ‘New Governance’. Also other people interested in this programme are welcome to participate.

Further information on the content of this programme can be obtained from Silvie Vonk, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics: s.vonk@maastrichtuniversity.nl or www.maastrichtuniversity4professionals.nl/HNB.

Source: Postgraduate Education SBE

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