Lecture Series Playlist: The Euro Crisis: opportunities and Threats

On September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers, one of the most prestigious players on Wall Street, filed for bankruptcy. This marked the beginning of the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s. Is the end of this crisis near or still far away? In the past few months, it has seemed as if things are slowly getting better in Europe and the US. But have sufficient changes been made for a sustainable future or are we back on the same track with even more to come and lots of bubbles still to burst?

In this series we look at the opportunities and the threats. Please click on the video to watch the video playlist of the lectures.

The individual lectures:

1. The Euro Crisis and Economic Growth
(19 March / Prof. Joan Muysken, Macro Economics)

2. The Euro Crisis in a Global Perspective (video not available)
(26 March / Prof. Bart Verspagen, International Economics)

3. Flipping a Coin: a single Banking Area in
a single Currency Area? (9 April / Jaap bos, Phd,Finance)

4. The Euro Crisis and its Effect on Pension (video not available)
Funds (16 April / Prof. Dennis Bams, Financial Management and Markets)

5. The Euro Crisis and the Real Estate
Sector (23 April / Prof. Piet Eichholtz, Real Estate FinanceEichholtz)

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