A place called home: PhD dissertation Katja Sillen

On Thursday 27 February Katja Sillen defended her dissertation: ‘A place called home’ – The role of identification in the post-dissolution phase of a customer relationship with a place brand.

In her dissertation, Sillen describes the cognitive process of identification with place brands and its effects on behaviour. More and more places are engaging in branding efforts in order to attract prospective residents but struggle when it comes to the application of product and services marketing tools to the context of place branding and the role of residents in the branding process.

The results of this research show that the cognitive process in a place branding context is differently structured than in the context of products and services. For example traditional marketing methods, such as advertisements, are less effective on behaviour. Furthermore inhabitants can function as place brand ambassadors even if they no longer live in a place. Their opinions seem to have a positive effect on behaviour.

Source: UM Webmagazine, 2 April 2014


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