5 June: Taste of Knowledge Event

Business team with soccer ball.

You are kindly invited to our Taste of Knowledge Event on the 5th of June. As usual you can taste, some of our topics which we offer in our education programs and other learning activities to support you as a professional.

Because of the start of the Football World Cup a week after our Taste of Knowledge event, we thought it would be a good moment to show you how much soccer and management actually have in common.

Every soccer team needs a strong leader, strategies need to be determined and players should collaborate effectively to achieve a good performance. This does not only apply to a soccer team and its players but also to organizations and their employees.

In the introduction session Director Postgraduate Education, Marielle Heijltjes talks with Ria Joosten, Business Woman of the Year 2014 and Theo Thuis, COO Q-Park NV about their visions on good leadership and what is needed to perform on a top level.

In the subsequent workshops of this Taste of Knowledge Event we present the content the workshop relating it to the World Cup in a fun way. Perhaps you will see your national team’s achievements from a different perspective afterwards.


13.30 – 14.00 Welcome with a treat / registration

14.00 – 15.00 “Leading with balls”

Plenary introduction by Marielle Heijltjes, director Postgraduate Education of Maastricht School of Business and Economics and Ria Joosten, Business Woman of the Year 2014 and Theo Thuis, COO Q-Park NV.

15.10 – 17.00 Workshop of choice

17.00 – 18.00 Closing networking reception

The workshops

Creating the High Performance Organization 
Workshop offered by dr. André A. de Waal, MBA, Academic director Center for Organizational Performance, Associate professor Maastricht School of Management.

As it is the task of managers to realize the goals of the organization by achieving outstanding performance, they are under great pressure to deal effectively with the current business environment. Thus there is a strong interest among managers in identifying the characteristics of high performance to help them in their quest for excellence. Such a sustainable organization is called a High Performance Organization (HPO), defined as: an organization that achieves financial and non-financial results that are exceedingly better than those of its peer group over a period of time of five years or more, by focusing in a disciplined way on that what really matters to the organization. Dr. André A. de Waal conducted a ten year research project examining the factors of sustainable high performance, and published a book on the result of this research: What Makes An HPO: Five Validated Factors That Apply Worldwide (Global Professional Publishing, 2012). During this workshop the research behind the HPO Framework, the five HPO factors and 35 underlying HPO characteristics and experiences in practice with the framework will be discussed. The participants will also practice with the framework, so they get a good feeling of its workings in real life.

Dr. André A. de Waal also conducted a five year research project examining the improvement of sports management, in specific of soccer club management.
Language of instruction: English

Effective Learning and Development
Workshop by Sonja Zaar, Director MBA programmes and International Projects at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, MBA Steering Committee Member at European Foundation for Management Development.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that people learn and develop in different ways? Have you ever noticed that people during the same learning experience, learn differently, and learning outcomes for individuals can differ significantly? En how is it possible that some people can see an experience as an opportunity for learning and thus as a trigger for development, whereas other people may see that same experience as a problem or risk that needs to be solved or minimized? Discover during this workshop the impact of motivation, goal orientation, health and well-being, and learning methods on your personal and professional development. After this workshop you will go home with a set of practical tools to stimulate, accelerate and maximize your learning and development!
Language of instruction: English

Buying Talents doesn’t make your team stronger! Any good coach knows that!!
Workshop by Prof. Dr. Wim Gijselaers, Department of Educational Research & Development, School of Business and Economics.

Is result the outcome of attracting talented people or of coaching the talent in people? Do talented people learn of making mistakes or is it that talented people do not make mistakes? Does experience guarantee success or is experience a source for mistakes? Should a coach never change a winning team or is it the change that prevents mistakes from occurring? Discover in this workshop the myths about talents, talent management and teams. Discover why talent is not bought but developed and learn when a conflict could positively affect a result. Together with this new game view you will not win the next lottery, but you might win the next game.
Language of Instruction: Dutch / more information in Dutch

A team is as strong as its weakest link.
Workshop offered by Micole Smits, Senior executive coach, trainer, consultant and programme manager Maastricht University, SBE – Post Graduate Education

We all know the quote “A team is as strong as its weakest link”.
In most cases we then think of a “weak team member”. However, I would like to invite you to see the weakest link as a metaphor for the relationship between two members of the team. When two members have a weak or even a conflictive relationship, the effectiveness and positivity of the entire team will decrease. During this workshop I will explore with you how you, as a manager can facilitate the communication between two people with a ‘weak link’, in order to make all links equally strong again.
Language of instruction: Dutch / more information in Dutch

Switching between defence and offense. 
Workshop by dr. Boris F. Blumberg, Academic Director MBA Programs at Maastricht University, Assistant Professor Organization & Strategy at Maastricht University.

Good football teams are capable of switching fast between defence and offense tactics. This also applies to companies. Should a company bet on existing markets or develop new markets at the expense of existing markets? In this workshop we will take a look at how companies keep switching between defensive and offensive strategies.

Language of instruction: Dutch / more information in Dutch

Participation in this event is FREE OF CHARGE


Maastricht University School of Business and Economics
Tongersestraat 53, Maastricht


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