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On 4 February, an initiative from Berlin expanded globally to include New York, Twin Cities, London, Portugal and Maastricht. Started by entrepreneurs Jess Erickson and Denise Philipp, Berlin Geekettes has reached hundreds of members in Berlin and has received press coverage across the globe, from the New York Times to Forbes, the Guardian, BBC, The Next Web and local and national media outlets.

Geekettes is an organisation that offers a platform for aspiring women innovators in technology. In an effort to promote women in technology and give access to all insights and experiences of women, Geekettes will invest in programs that will foster new opportunities, innovation, job creation, startup support and inspiration for the next generation of women to enter the fast growing tech industry.

“Geekettes’ purpose resonates across the globe. With this in mind, additional chapters of the Geekettes movement will be created in other tech hotspots around the globe,” said Jess Erickson, Founder of Geekettes. “As your community grows, your organisation should grow too. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch the next Geekettes chapter into NYC, London, Lisbon, Porto, Maastricht, and Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) with current hubs in Berlin and Hamburg.”

“Our aim is to connect women across different countries and inspire the next generation of ladies to get excited about careers in technology,” said Denise Philipp, Co-Founder of Geekettes.

Technology is pushing innovation in many different sectors across the globe. The Geekettes believe that there should be greater proportion of women in the creation and decision-making process on all fronts: from investing to mastering code to jumpstarting one’s own business. This global expansion will focus on empowering women by providing them with resources and tools to achieve their goals while connecting them across various global cities. In addition, it will focus on inspiring the next generation of women to join in on a rapidly expanding global technology community.

Maastricht Geekettes

The expansion into these new cities will deepen the footprint and awareness for women and the opportunities that exist within a growing community. “The Maastricht entrepreneurial community is getting stronger every day. Maastricht Geekettes plans to create opportunities for talented young ladies to join this ecosystem and have the proper tools to succeed,” said Ana Mihail, Chief Inspiration Officer at the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship and ambassador of Maastricht Geekettes.

Kicking off with an inspiring session on 11 March, the Maastricht Geekettes have invited Nicoline Wisse Smit, owner of Wis & Waarachtig PR and Communications to encourage young women to think beyond their limits and embrace their dreams. Nicoline is very much looking forward to inspiring women to make their dreams come true and hopes more female entrepreneurs will join the business environment soon. “It is a subject I hold dear to my heart,” Nicoline said when she accepted to speak at the launch party.

The Maastricht Geekettes will be opening their membership soon and in the meantime, they can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and the Geekettes homepage.


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