SBE’s director Executive Education moves on to new challenges

Maurice Olivers

Maurice Olivers has this week stepped down as director Executive Education at SBE. He will continue his career as a member of the management team of Chemelot Campus where he will be responsible for community building , communication, branding and public affairs.

Ten years ago, Maurice started executive education at SBE. In this period, SBE has evolved as a valuable learning partner for many professionals and organisations both nationally and internationally. Maurice leaves a valuable portfolio of programmes and business networks behind .

“In many ways this has been a very challenging and interesting period for me. I had the pleasure not only to look in the kitchen of organisations  with many professors and coaches, but we were also able to work with them to develop new recipes and sometimes ‘preparing meals’ together,” says Maurice Olivers .“Recipes for leading change in various sectors… Transition and innovation programmes for the manufacturing and service industries have often found their way in multi-year partnerships. And that was great!”

“But also the role of the school has been renewed in these 10 years from being a provider of education into a co-creator and programme partner focused on value creation for professionals and organisations. This role requires more flexibility and that is exciting because now the model of executive education is changing as well.”                          

“It makes learning happen in the workplace, combined with various formats including virtual, experiential and classroom learning as well as coaching.  I therefore think that my successor will not be called director executive education but more appropriately director executive learning & development.”

“Executive Education is the spider in the web as we talk about valorisation,” says Maurice. “It’s all about cases in which many of our existing research can be connected, from which new research develops and talents (our students)  can be inspired and retained. SBE and UM should look more closer to this opportunity.”

Maurice expresses this thanks for the trust, inspiration, lessons and pleasant cooperation he has had with many of you, colleagues, alumni and business relations.

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