SBE Award winners 38th Dies Natalis

On Friday 10 January 2014, Maastricht University celebrated its 38th Dies Natalis at the MECC Maastricht. In keeping with tradition, several awards were awarded during the celebration.

In particular, the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize 2013 was awarded to Jaap Bos, Gwen Noteborn and Sjoke Merk from the School of Business and Economics, for the remarkable contribution they made to UM education with their Finance Video Project. The team developed Finance video classes, that, according to the jury “have had a significant impact on student’s learning effectiveness and professors’ development of educational skills.” “The finance video classes improved the passing rates and student evaluations significantly and stimulated the professors involved in the project to re-invent the way they organize and teach courses, more in line with the changed needs of students.”

Wynand Wijnen Education Prize 2013 was awarded to Jaap Bos, Gwen Noteborn and Sjoke Merk

On behalf of the ‘Stichting Wetenschapsbeoefening’, seven Maastricht University graduates received the Student Prize for best thesis of the past year:

Student Prize 2013

Mark Verheijen: ‘Expression of mutant ubiquitin (UBB+1) in the cerebellum’, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML)
Eefje de Bont: ‘Oral and topical antibiotic prescriptions for children in general practice’, FHML
Matteo Bonelli: ‘European and National Standards of protection: An Analysis of Article 53 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union’, Faculty of Law
Maiko Messelken: ‘The effects of ethical leadership on some favorable employee behaviors and the mediating role of psychological safety’, School of Business and Economics
Steve Mélon: ‘The Paradox of Incentives: Scientific Impact and Societal Relevance of Academic Research in the Walloon Science System’, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Nils Reimer: ‘Prejudice and the ‘gay gene’: The implications of genetic essentialism for anti-gay prejudice and gay stereotype endorsement’, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences
Roy Lardenoije: ‘Epigenetics of Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease’, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

SBE congratulates the members of the Finance Video project team, Jaap Bos, Gwen Noteborn and Sjoke Merk as well as SBE student Maiko Messelken on their outstanding achievements.



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