10 Jan 2014: Maastricht University 38th Dies Natalis

With great pleasure we invite you to celebrate Maastricht University’s (UM) 38th Dies Natalis on Friday 10 January 2014.

The theme of this year’s Dies celebration was inspired by the departure of André Postema. After two terms as Vice-President of Maastricht University, he is taking his leave from UM with a speech called ‘Maastricht University: a love story’.

The Dies celebration will be held in the MECC Maastricht. Rector Magnificus prof.dr. Luc Soete will officially open the ceremony at 15.00. Honorary doctorates will be awarded to five outstanding individuals.

Peter J. Barnes | Nominated by FHML
Imperial College London | Royal Brompton Hospital

Paul Craig | Nominated by FL
St John’s College, University of Oxford

Amy C. Edmondson | Nominated by SBE
Harvard Business School, Harvard University

Peggy Levitt | Nominated by FASoS
Wellesley College | Harvard University

Jürgen Hennig | Nominated by FPN
University Medical Center Freiburg

In keeping with tradition, the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize and the Student Prizes will also be awarded. In addition, a new Dissertation Prize will be awarded for the first time in recognition of the best dissertation of 2012.

The ceremony will close at 17.00, followed by a reception.

Please register via www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/dies

Source: Maastricht University

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