Nerdalize wins entrepreneurship prize University Fund Limburg

Nerdalize – The future looks warm and bright! from Nerdalize on Vimeo.

Datacenters are expensive: more than half of the costs are in the building, cooling and infrastructure. Servers generate a lot of heat, which is regarded as a waste product. Nerdalize uses the heat usefully for heating homes and saves costs by using homes as our datacenters. A very efficient, very sustainable, very cheap and cost saving idea by Nerdalize.

On Wednesday 19 November 2013, these young entrepreneurs (alumni of Maastricht University) were awarded with the Local Hero 2013 title. The jury, consisting of professionals, entrepreneurs and alumni eventually declared Nerdalize as the winner because of their innovative, creative and above all sustainable concept. Moreover, their business plan as well as their video pitch as and live presentation were exceptionally good.

The award, worth €10.000 seed capital, is an initiative from the Limburg University Fund to stimulate entrepreneurship among UM students.

Nerdalize will spend their prize money wisely on patent applications, product development and invest in new markets, for example Norway (which is famous for being “green”).

During the ceremony the tension was tangible. A shortlist of 3 finalists (Happy Hiring, Nerdalize and Study Drive) out of 25 business plans that were submitted in the beginning of the competition presented their business plans in a pitch format.

Next to the competition, the audience was inspired by keynote speakers and fellow entrepreneurial spirits Eric Joosten (Arion International) and Homam Karimi (Study Tube).

It’s the second time the Local Hero was awarded. The ceremony was part of the Global Week for Entrepreneurship and is organised by the Limburg University Fund together with the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E).

Source: University Fund Limburg, November 2013

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