What can Maastricht University Campus Brussels do for SBE students?

“There are a lot of opportunities for SBE students at the UM Campus Brussels and in Brussels as a whole,” says Vivianne Heijnen, Director of Maastricht University Campus Brussels. “Thanks to our business network and our contacts in and around the European Institutions, we can provide students with easy access to speakers should they wish to organise an event at the UM Campus Brussels. And of course, we can be an intermediate if they are looking for a job or internship in Brussels.”

The UM Campus Brussels actively facilitates the connection between students, staff and alumni with businesses and companies in Brussels by offering support, free of charge, in generating content for tailor made workshops, presentations or networking opportunities in Brussels. The UMCB staff not only offers knowledge on the Brussels market for these specific events but can provide assistance in marketing them through its internal and/or external communication tools.

Only known to some as the seat of European institutions, Brussels also hosts the headquarters of a growing number of multinational companies. It is the city where regulations that apply to the European market are decided upon. From marketing and communications consultancies to finance and economic agencies, multinational companies, banks and tech startups, Brussels is vibrant.  This diverse environment strengthens the city’s position as a business hub within Europe. Companies are directly linked to relevant issues on the European Agenda.

At UMCB, Maastricht University students can organise events such as workshops, special lectures with guest speakers and networking events free of charge. The UM Campus Brussels is located in a historic Belgian townhouse, making the building itself already worth a visit.

An overview of  possible events at the UM Campus Brussels can be found on the website.

Are you planning a study trip to Brussels? Or are you looking for content for a tailor-made study visit to companies in Brussels? Do you need help in marketing an event in Brussels? Please contact the UM Campus Brussels at campusbrussels@maastrichtuniveristy.nl or visit the website: www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/campusbrussels

The Maastricht University Campus Brussels looks forward to welcoming you in Brussels!


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