GSBE Marketing-Finance Symposium 2013: video interviews

The second GSBE Marketing-Finance Symposium, held on 3 October at Maastricht University, brought together academic researchers and students in marketing and finance from the US, Europe, and the Netherlands with captains of industry and firm managers.

Participants discussed recent developments and future challenges regarding the marketing-finance interface. Speakers included Frank Klein from Deutsche Bank, Friedrich Paprotka from Procter and Gamble, Jeffry Kuijpers from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Christine Moorman from Duke University, Peter Verhoef from the University of Groningen, and Jaakko Aspara from Aalto University.

For video interviews with the organisers as well as some of the symposium’s keynote speakers, please see below:

Interview with Dr. Arvid Hoffmann

Interview with Prof. Dr. Christine Moorman

Interview with Jeffrey Kuijpers

Interview with Frank Klein

Interview with Prof. Dr. Piet Eichholz

Interview with Dr. Simone Wies

Interview with Dr. Nikos Kalogeras


Source: Marketing-Finance Research Lab

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