Maastricht University can be proud of the enterprising spirit of its alumni. The Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship seeks to ignite and develop that spirit in those that currently study at the university. It is keen on involving enterprising alumni as role models for our students.

We occasionally spot alumni that could also easily serve as role models for other alumni. Where many alumni entrepreneurs operate small business, some have succeeded in growing their entrepreneurial ventures into substantial companies. Yet what to do when you are listed as one of the Netherlands’ fasted growing technology firms,  Fast50.nl, and Panasonic knocks on your door to see if you would be interested in being acquired by them? Would you sell out, or would you remain independent?

recent article in Sprout (a Dutch magazine on ambitious entrepreneurship) features UM alumni Rishi Lodhia (33) and Tijmen Vos (33), who share why their enterprising spirit led them to sell their company Cameramanger.com to Panasonic and to become CEO and COO of Panasonic Cloud Management Services.


Source: Alumni newsletter, September 2013

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