Are you a HR professional? Visit our Executive Business Lounge on 28 October

The Executive Business Lounge on Monday 28 October has been designed to familiarise prospective Modular Executive MBA or Management Essentials participants with our university’s innovative learning methods and unique educational atmosphere.

This could also be interesting for you! You are kindly invited to attend the Executive Business Lounge. Dr. Boris Blumberg, one of our renowned professors, will guide you through an interesting case study.

Getting your company ready for the future!

In the 90 minutes workshop, we will look at one important aspect of strategic management, the external analysis of the environment.
At first we will have a look at the strategic management tools that support us to better understand the current external environment and to identify tomorrow’s trends. Together we will employ one of the tools and discuss the external environment of an important service industry that generates € 84 billion revenues in Europe per year. Building upon that analysis we will engage in another exercise to develop a new strategy responding to the industry’s challenges.

As a preparation of the Executive Business Lounge, you will have to prepare a case study. During the session, the entire group of participants shall contribute to the interactive session with Dr. Blumberg.

We only have a limited number of places available so don’t wait too long to register.

Programme outline:

Ø 18.00-18.15 hrs. Welcome and information on Modular Executive MBA and Management Essentials

Ø 18.15-20.00 hrs. Session with Dr. Boris Blumberg

Ø 20.00 hrs. Informal network drink

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