18 November: Lunch colloquium ‘An Emerging Paradigm for Growth’

On November 18th guest lecturer Dr. Aravind Chinchure will host the lunch colloquium ‘An Emerging Paradigm for Growth’.

Dr. Aravind Chinchure is Guest of Honor to the 2013 International Leadership Symposium on Ethics in Business, which will be held on 15th November 2013 at the European Parliament in Brussels. Dr. Aravind Chinchure has offered to visit Maastricht after this prestigious conference to share his view on innovation opportunities in emerging markets with the academic and business community of our region. 

In recent years, business increasingly has been viewed as a major cause of not just the global economic crisis but also major social and environmental problems. This calls into question the traditional paradigm of business under which companies have continued to view value creation narrowly, optimizing short-term profits in a bubble while ignoring the most important societal problems that are critical for their longer-term success.  We need a new paradigm for business wherein businesses generate economic value by tackling society’s major needs and problems such as health, education and environmental degradation as a core value proposition.

Dr. Aravind Chinchure will talk and discuss about how Indian companies have found answers to the needs of a new paradigm for business. He explains how some have come up with new technologies and radical business models to penetrate the country’s mass markets. He will share a framework for achieving affordable excellence in products and services through inclusive innovation and gives his view on specific opportunities and challenges for global companies in India and other emerging markets. 

The speaker

Dr. Aravind Chinchure, is in India known as innovation guru. He is currently working at Reliance Innovation Leadership Centre (RILC), Pune, India. RILC supports the Reliance Innovation Council (RIC) Chaired by a global thought leader Dr. R. A. Mashelkar and the members include Nobel laureates, leading professors and management gurus. Prior to joining RILC, he has worked at Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore, General Electric (GE) Global Research Centre, Bangalore, Kammerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden University, Netherlands, and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai,

He is recipient of international fellowships from European Union, Dutch Academy of Sciences, Max-Plank Institute, TIFR and Department of Science & Technology (India). Recently he received the Innovation Excellence Award from Indira International for his contribution in spreading awareness on   innovation across India.

This special Lunch Colloquium is jointly organised by SBE, Maastricht University and the Maastricht School of Management. There are 20 free seats.

Please register through this link or the link below.

Location: Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics, Tongersestraat 49, Maastricht

Time:  12.00 – 14.00 hrs.






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