What can SCOPE Maastricht do for SBE students?

SCOPE Maastricht is a Study Association at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University.

SCOPE Maastricht represents an impressive number of more than 3000 members – bachelor as well as master students. It is the biggest Study Association in Maastricht.

SCOPE Maastricht aims to support the international student population in the best way possible and to serve their interests. SCOPE Maastricht tries to realise these goals by working intensively and closely with the SCOPE associations, the university and affiliated firms/organisations.

SCOPE Maastricht seeks a balance between academic and social activities. Summaries, exam trainings, extra tutorials and skills trainings offer SCOPE members further educational preparation and development. Company visits and extra skill trainings provide a real life insights and create a valuable link between the theoretical curriculum and the practical corporate life.

SCOPE Maastricht and the SCOPE associations are non-profit organizations. The associations are closely linked with the faculty – all activities are organised by students.

Would you like to be part of the team? Please apply for open committee positions.


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