TEDx Maastricht: What will you do?

After a full year of preparations, with a brand new team and a brand new theme, TEDx Maastricht finally opened its stage bright and early on Wednesday, September 4th. Set to impress and inspire, the event gathered 900 hand-picked participants at the Vrijthof Theatre in the heart of Maastricht.

The goal of the day was simple and clear: to encourage participants to act in a changing world where sustainability is no longer a hot topic but a requirement. By 2050, the world population is expected to exceed 9 billion people. How can the earth’s resources keep up with the growing demand? The solution is obvious: We need to look at alternative measures.

As implied in the theme of “9 billion and you”, each individual must play a part in driving this necessary change. TEDx Maastricht was once again set to present ideas worth spreading and to remind the audience of the bigger challenges we are facing. From Gunter Pauli’ Blue Economy to Mark Post’s in-vitro burger to Dawn Engle and Ivan Suvanjieff’s PeaceJam and Paul Rulken’s Strategic Quitting, TEDx Maastricht gave the stage to 22 insightful talks on very diverse topics.

Divided into four sessions – Reset, Reinvent, Rebuild and React – the talks weaved in to deliver a strong message on the need for sustainability but also to provide tools, ideas and encouragement for all participants to be an integral part of this goal. Coupled with a few surprises such as an impressive Project Sally’s dance performance by Project Sally, Marian Peter’s invitation to taste bug bites and Dan Meyer’s incredible sword swallowing act, TEDx Maastricht combined all the elements of an extraordinary conference: passionate speakers offering thought-provoking insights into fascinating projects on sustainability, a fun, engaged crowd and an altogether good organisation.

After the event, the team received many compliments from both participants and speakers. Aldith Hunkar, moderator of TEDx Maastricht exclaimed: “What a warm welcome and relaxed atmosphere, what a great programme and what a great enthusiasm! Compliments to the beautiful event you have managed to put up together!”.

The team indeed was very pleased with the response and is already working on organising several side events as well as the next TEDx Maastricht. Stay updated on the various activities via Facebook and Twitter. These are also the platforms to keep watching to find out when the new applications for the main TEDx Maastricht event are open. Keep in mind that you will be chosen based on your motivation only!

Be part of the change!


By Ana Mihail

Ana Mihail  is Chief Inspiration Officer at the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship. She is in charge of Guest Management and Student Promotion at TEDx Maastricht.

Photo credit: Simon Pugh Photography for TEDx Maastricht

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