28 October: Lecture by Prof. Geert Hofstede: Business Goals for a Sustainable World Economy – Beyond Growth, Greed and Quarterly Results

We are pleased to inform you that Emeritus Professor Geert Hofstede will come back to Maastricht to provide a lecture.

On Monday, 28 October 2013, Emeritus Professor Geert Hofstede will give a talk entitled “Business Goals for a Sustainable World Economy: Beyond Growth, Greed and Quarterly Results”.

Organised by Studium Generale, the lecture will be held at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, Lecture Hall, Tongersestraat 53, in Maastricht starting at 20:00hrs. After the lecture, there will be a reception for all guests, students, staff and alumni sponsored by the SBE Alumni Office.

Hofstede is internationally known as a pioneer of comparative intercultural research; his concept of “dimensions of culture” is used worldwide. His books have appeared in 20 languages; in the Wall Street Journal of May 2008 he was listed among the Top 20 most influential business thinkers. He was Professor of Organizational Anthropology at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) from 1985 until his retirement in 1993. In 1987 he founded the International Management Programme at the UM, the first in the Netherlands.

About the lecture

Around 1998, junior managers and professionals in 17 countries rated the importance of a number of personal goals for their country’s successful business leaders. Across countries, dominant goals were growth, continuity, short-term profits and personal wealth. Goal profiles differed among countries however. In the USA profile growth, personal wealth, and short-term results were the most important. The goal profiles of the emerging economies of India, Brazil, China and also Germany showed a longer term view, more responsibility towards society, and less fascination with growth and personal wealth.

Around the year 2000, many people assumed that the success of business leaders around the world would depend on how closely they followed the American example. In this lecture Prof. Geert Hofstede will show that the 2008 economic crisis has upset this naïve belief. Precisely in the country that stood as the world’s model for the goals of successful business, the world economic system collapsed. In the new economic order, other powers will contribute their goals for international business. For academia, the main challenge will be to develop more relevant curricula for preparing future business leaders taking into account these goals.

Information on Prof. Geert Hofstede

Prof. Geert Hofstede is professor emeritus of organizational anthropology and international management, UM. From his retirement in 1993 to 2011 he served as an Extra-Mural Fellow of the CentER for Economic Research at Tilburg University.

See also: www.geerthofstede.eu

Practical information

Monday 28 October, 20h00 • Lecture Hall Tongersestraat 53

Source: Studium Generale

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    1. Mercedes

      I want to see Prof G. Hofstede on 28th of Oct., on: Sustainable World Economy time difference between Berkeley, California and your school is about 8 hrs. can I see it here in California?

    1. Frank Halder

      Hi Sueli,

      open to all you say, no need to register. I guess it will be a packed lecture then, guess we need to be early to save a seat, count me in.


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