World Conference of the Game Theory Society in 2016 in Maastricht

A team of researchers from the departments of Economics and Quantitative Economics from the School of Business and Economics and from the Department of Knowledge Engineering from the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences has been selected to organize the prestigious World Conference on Game Theory in Maastricht 2016. These world conferences are held once every four years. Earlier editions took place in Bilbao (2000), Marseille (2004), Evanston (2008) and Istanbul (2012).

Game Theory, which is centered around mathematical models of conflict and competition, plays an increasingly important role in many branches of science, like for example economics, biology, computer science, psychology, political science and law. This wide applicability will also show in the 2016 conference in Maastricht. The societal relevance of Game Theory is illustrated by awarding game theorists the Nobel Prize in Economics on several occasions, such as in 2012 to Lloyd Shapley and Alvin Roth. A panel discussion with a number of these Nobel laureates is a standard item in the world conferences.

More information: Frank Thuijsman, Department of Knowledge Engineering

Source: Maastricht University press release, 20 August 2013

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