Maastricht University to launch German-language degree programme for professionals

The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) will launch a German-language degree programme for professionals at the start of the new academic year. The ‘Management Essentials Programm’ will start in January 2014 in Dusseldorf. The SBE introduced a similar Dutch-language programme three years ago.

In line with its lifelong learning programme, Maastricht University will offer German-language alumni and professionals the opportunity to further develop their professional skills in their own language. “A very deliberate choice,” says professor and Director of Postgraduate Education Mariëlle Heijltjes. “In our experience, many German organisations prefer carrying out management and leadership projects in their own language.” The SBE also hopes to strengthen its reputation as a leading academic institute by adding professional degree programmes to its existing bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

The SBE has enough German-speaking academic staff (many of whom are of German descent) to teach these new courses. Participating professors include Prof. Mariëlle Heijltjes (Effektive Führung), Dr Lisa Brüggen (Strategisches Marketing), Dr Hannes Guenther (Projektmanagement), Dr Boris Blumberg (Strategisches Management) and Dr Alexander Brüggen (Finanzmanagement). The courses will also be taught by several guest lecturers.

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The courses will be held in both Dusseldorf and Maastricht and will be jointly offered by the SBE and the Management Akademie NRW. In addition to this German-language management programme, the SBE will also focus on providing targeted concepts for German business and institutions in the field of talent development, innovation, leadership, strategy development and implementation.

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Source: Maastricht University press release, 29 August 2013

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