Interview with Edgar Kampers on Community Currencies

There are around 5.000 to 10.000 community currencies worldwide and 700 to 1,400 of them are business currencies. This means that members are using them with the intention to make a profit.

Edgar Kampers is the co-founder of QOIN, an Amsterdam-based non-profit foundation which helps local governments with the design and implementation of local currencies, In this interview, he explains that the role of QOIN is to “help (governments) understand how you can realise policy using a community currency in the most effective way.”

He says: “If a municipality comes and want to connect their currencies to public transport, or their own tax payment system, if they want to integrate 5000 shops, if they want a mobile app that does the transactions then this is costly. We are one of the parties that they have to pay to do that.”

“I expect we will have a whole age of experimentation and innovation in the next to five to 10 years,” he adds. Because the old systems are not giving the answers. The answers will come from innovators.” Like himself.

By Bernd Kapeller

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