TEDx Maastricht 2013: 9 Billion and You

Great news for all TEDx fans: TEDx Maastricht will be back this September with an impressive programme.

Led by licensee, curator and UM alumnus Jan Scheele, the TEDx Maastricht team has put together a memorable speakers lineup for the upcoming TEDx Maastricht event on 4 September under the theme “9 Billion and You”.

9 Billion and You

The theme addresses the challenge of creating a sustainable world for 9 billion people in the year 2050. It was chosen after intensive brainstorming sessions with the TEDx Maastricht ‘Braintrust‘, a delegation of decision makers from industry, government and creative industries. As the period of widespread availability of raw materials and resources is slowly coming to an end, the question we are facing today is how we, as individuals, can create a feasible and balanced production system for a sustainable society.

What can YOU do?

TEDx Maastricht licensee Jan Scheele is proud to present a completely new team, theme and programme. “While the two first editions of TEDx Maastricht focused on the Future of Health, this new theme allows us to approach a much broader and relevant topic at national and international level. We also find it important to highlight the responsibility of the individual, what each of us can do to contribute to a sustainable future. Everyone must take part, everyone must cooperate, only then can we create a sustainable society. I am very confident that this new team of enthusiastic, skilled volunteers can lift TEDx Maastricht to an even higher level.”


The programme for September 4 is multifaceted. The TEDx Maastricht team has put together an inspiring and varied selection of both national/regional and international speakers. Check out the website for more information about the speakers and the programme.

Make sure you’re there!

Tickets for TEDxMaastricht 2013 are not for sale, but you can register by highlighting your motivation through the website. The organisation selects guests who complement each other in terms of occupation, education, age and motivation. The first invitations have already been sent out, so be quick, register and make sure to send in your best motivation.

In this short interview, Rector Magnificus Prof. Dr. Luc Soete emphasises the importance of TEDx Maastricht for the city and region of Maastricht. Soete is member of the Braintrust of TEDx Maastricht and advises the organisation in the areas of content and strategy.

About TEDx

TED is a non-profit organisation dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading” and facilitating a stage for speakers with ideas that deserve to be shared. TEDx is a local, independent event organised under license from TED. TEDx is a special conference where talented speakers share new insights from the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design with the public. The x in TEDx stands for “independently organised TED event.”

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