Interview with Bernard Lietaer on Complementary Currencies

Interview with Bernard Lietaer, economist, author and professor, during the 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems, 19-23 June, The Hague, the Netherlands.

“First we can have large scale systems that facilitate transactions for very little money. Second, we can change people’s behaviour on a large scale for a long time,” says the economist, author and professor Bernard Lietaer on the lessons learned from early experiments with complementary currencies. In his book “The Future Of Money” (1999) Lietaer argued for a change of our monetary system to mitigate the effects of four mega-trends we are confronted with today: ageing population, climate change, jobless growth and monetary instability.

Lietaer has published nine books highlighting from different angles the idea of using complementary currencies as a structural solution in our failing monetary system. He argues for the creation of  an ecosystem of multiple currencies designed for different purposes operating in parallel to the existing conventional monetary system. “One of the currencies I am proposing for big businesses is called the Terra. It is a global currency that makes it profitable to think long term,” he says. Lietaer emphasises the need for businesses to respect minimum requirements such as the rule of law, monetary stability and social cohesion to operate successfully in society.

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