SBE Alumni Day – Reunion of the 90s

“Hey, we had our very first lecture HERE in the Lecture Hall. The Dean was explaining the PBL system to us. We were first year students… so young, so scared. And look what we’ve accomplished since then!” These were the words of the students who studied in the period 1990-1999 at Rijksuniversiteit Maastricht which later became Maastricht University. This cohort of former students was reminiscing about studying in Maastricht during the tour of the building which was held on 8 June 2013 during the UM Alumni Day – Reunion of the 90s for the former FdEWB students.

For some of the alumni, it was their first time back in Maastricht after almost 20 years. It was great to re-connect the alumni with the university. And it was great to learn that some alumni still keep in touch with each other after all these years. Two of the former students said that they met in the first tutorial class and have remained best friends since then.

After receiving feedback from alumni indicating that they would like to meet other former students from their particular study period, SBE decided to organise this “milestone” reunion for the students who studied in the 1990s. It was an event where the chance that they would know former classmates was guaranteed.

The highlight of the day was an honorary guest lecture by Professor Geert Hofstede. It was an honour to welcome professor emeritus Hofstede back to the School of Business and Economics. He is the founding father of the International Management programme at UM and his theory of cultural dimensions is still taught to our international business students.

Alumni had the opportunity to receive an autographed copy of Professor Hofstede’s latest book Cultures and Organisations: Software of the Mind as a gift by making a donation to the Geert Hofstede Fund which awards scholarships to SBE students.

Building the Lecture Hall at Tongersestraat 53 (1990)

Although the purpose of the event was a reunion, the SBE also took the opportunity to “share success”. Martin Paul, President Maastricht University since 2011, shared the new initiatives with our alumni like “Knowledge Axis Limburg” (Kennis As Limburg), Brains Unlimited, Greenport Campus in Venlo, Smart Services Hub in Heerlen, Chemelot Campus. Dr. Simon Beausaert, a researcher in the SBE Educational Research and Development department, shared his research on “Being employable = Reflecting on the right competencies” Prof. dr. Olaf Sleijpen (SBE alumnus) shared his expertise on the recent developments in the Dutch pension sector. And Prof. dr. Bart Verspagen (SBE alumnus), Director UNU-MERIT and Director-Dean of the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance shared the challenges of the post-2015 development agenda.

African artist painting the Lecture Hall (1991)

It was a fun-filled day, complete with a BBQ with former staff members, a speed networking activity and finally a salsa workshop.

Were you unable to join our reunion? Check out the photos and share our fun!

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By Leann Poeth, SBE alumni officer


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