MsM’s 3rd Annual Research Conference: Revolutions in Education: New Opportunities for Development?

MsM’s 3rd Annual Research Conference
Revolutions in Education: New Opportunities for Development?
6 September 2013

Demographic, social, economic and technological revolutions have shaken the field of education in recent years. Access to better information and communication technologies coupled with growing youth unemployment, economic turbulence, climate change, as well as social revolutions (e.g. the Arab Spring) is rapidly changing the traditional classroom.  Examples of such changes includes the dramatic growth in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), the development of digital badges, the increasing popularity of gamification and the ubiquitous access and use of smart phones and tablets. Can these changes be harnessed to support social and economic development, including improved management skills, entrepreneurial outcomes, and gender equality? Are the confluence of technological and social change and a greater scrutiny of the role of business in environmental and social challenges requiring a re-think of the typical business school? These and related topics will be explored at the 3rd International Research Conference of the Maastricht School of Management, organized in co-operation with the Department of Educational Research and Development of Maastricht University.

• eLearning for management and entrepreneurship education – potential and limitations
• Massive Open Online Course – opportunities and threats for business schools
• Innovation, education and development – new insights
• Social and demographic changes and the future of business education
• Capacity development and higher education for development
• Empowerment of women through technological innovation in education
• Educational technology and environmental sustainability – new imperatives for business schools

About the Organizers
Maastricht School of Management (MsM) is a 60-year old international business school located in The Netherlands, offering MBA, EMBA and Doctoral education throughout the world in partnership with educational institutions primarily in developing and emerging economies.

The Department of Educational Research and Development at the University of Maastricht is a gathering point for internationally distinguished scholars to examine fundamental and practical issues in professional education. The Department conducts research on various aspects of innovative education and learning, develop courses, and provide training and consultancy to educators in higher education.

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