Farewell to Dean Jos Lemmink

In February 2006, Professor Jos Lemmink became the Dean of SBE, initially for a period of three years and a half (first term) and then an additional term of four years.

Jos clearly remembers the moment when former UM President Jo Ritzen came running into his office and said “Jos, we need you as our Dean”. “I was completely surprised and honoured because I had not thought about that step in my career at that time,” he said.

Jos was nominated as the candidate to replace former Dean Franz C. Palm who had been appointed Academy Professor in Econometrics by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and was going to devote himself fulltime to his research and to educating young scientists.

Talkin’Business met with Jos to look back on his seven and a half years of Deanship at SBE and ask him about his future plans.

Would you like to name a few “tokens of success” of your Deanship?

1. The name SBE. In 2009, in order to be more in line with the Anglo-Saxon system and to compete internationally we changed our name from Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) to School of Business and Economics (SBE). Globally the term “faculty” refers to the staff working at a university and we wanted to be visible as a business school. This has opened new doors for SBE and we are now a global player.

2. The “successes” of our students. SBE is about students and our students are the core of SBE and very important to us. And especially the case competitions where we compete against the top business schools in the world. And the fact that since 2010 we now have our own annual international case competition in Maastricht (ICC@M)

3. Scientific research achievements and high peer evaluations of our research.

4. Rankings and accreditations. We are ranked as one of the top business schools in the world which is quite an accomplishment when you think that we are a young business school that started from scratch with 100 students in 1984. Look where we are today! In 2005, right after I was asked to become Dean, the SBE received the EQUIS accreditation for three years. During my Deanship we received another three year EQUIS accreditation in 2008 and in 2011 we were successful in securing a five year accreditation. We have a triple crown accreditation: three prestigious accreditations, AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. Only one percent of business schools worldwide can boast this honour, many of which are SBE partner institutes.

What is one wish you would like to see fulfilled by our students?

Taking problem based learning to the next level. A professional network of companies/institutions, alumni and students. And a co-development of our curriculum with all these parties. We value the contributions of alumni and the corporate world in our problem based learning curriculum and there are synergies to be gained. Because we are still a relatively young business school, we continue to enhance the network of our alumni.

Prof. Luc Soete, Rector Magnificus of Maastricht University, congratulates Prof. Jos Lemmink on his achievements as SBE Dean.

What would you like to pass on to your successor Professor Philip Vergauwen?

1. Most importantly, Philip should be Philip and should introduce his style and ideas at the SBE. And set his own goals.

2. In our current strategy we have a goal of “innovation in education”. Keep the innovative spirit. Make use of our Educational Research and Development, one of our greatest assets.

3. In my heart, I truly believe that SBE should continue with the model of integration of both business and economics. This is unique!

What are your next steps?

First of all, I really enjoyed this period and will miss my responsibility as a Dean. But my next steps are:

1. A one-year Sabbatical as a visiting professor in Australia at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane. Combined with some time with my wife, Marian, at our house in Italy. I want to catch up reading literature for my research. And some “quality” time with my first granddaughter, Roos, who was born in February.

2. Continue my research in the Canon-Océ Chair which focuses on service innovation and marketing.

3. More time to guide my two PhD students.

4. And finally playing an important role in helping Service Science Factory (SSF) to grow and prosper.


By Leann Poeth

Click here to see the photos of Dean Jos Lemmink’s Sharing Success Reception on 20 June 2013. (Photos by Alf Mertens)


Photo by Sanne Linssen

Prof. Jos Lemmink: “The achievement I am proudest of and one that I love to share with all my international peers
is that at SBE we teach 4,500 in small groups of 14 students!”


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