Action Learning with direct impact for ROC Leeuwenborgh

For the past eight months, ROC Leeuwenborgh, a professional education institute based in South-Limburg, has taken part in an action learning journey led by SBE’s dr. Ursula Glunk. A learning journey to enhance meaning to the school’s core values: positivity, inspiration and curiosity and to connect these values with the school’s objectives.

“Our core values must become the heart of our organization and clarify its identity, an identity we can all connect to,” said Eline Hermans, project manager at ROC Leeuwenborgh. “Together we strive towards high quality of education and professional growth.”

Such a development implies growth not only in a rational sense but in attitude. “The main goal of this project was to achieve growth at all organizational levels for the benefit of our students’ development,” Hermans explained.

Seventy participants, including management executives, staff members, lecturers and students embarked on the learning journey, which was carried out with powerful instruments such as action learning projects on topics such as ‘lifelong learning’, ‘more with less’ and ‘transferring boundaries’.

Four modules on personal leadership, teaming, entrepreneurship and stakeholder dialogue offered the entire group an insightful and inspirational experience. Next to that, teamcoaching ensured a good level of general guidance and connection.

The final step of the action learning journey took place on 30 May. “The results are extremely valuable,” said Hermans. “Nearly everyone who started the initiative is still on board and we have exciting new projects on the agenda. But most of all it is the unique, intrinsic connection, guided by dr. Ursula Glunk, among executives, staff members, lecturers and students that makes me proud and that will lead to cultural change. This is what we will build upon in the coming years. Luckily, our learning journey is not over yet.”

By Marion Hameleers
Programmes Coordinator Postgraduate Education

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