Limburg invests over half a billion euros in knowledge

The UM will earmark 117 million euro for ‘Kennis-As Limburg’, a strategic programme aiming at strengthening and extending study programmes, research and valorisation activities in Limburg.

‘Kennis-As Limburg’ is an initiative of Maastricht University, Maastricht UMC+ and Zuyd Hogeschool. With the financial support of the Province of Limburg, the European Union, the Dutch Government and the business sector about half a billion euros will be available to strengthen the provincial knowledge economy in the next ten years.

This massive financial impulse will lead to multiple investments.

Playing a crucial role in this strategy are the ‘triple helix’ of educational institutions, business and government, as well as the various Limburg campuses: the Maastricht Health Campus; the Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen, which focuses on materials; the Greenport Campus in Venlo, specialising in agriculture, logistics, food and health; and Maastricht’s inner-city faculties, which revolve around business, law and culture. In addition, the Smart Services Campus in Heerlen – Limburg’s financial, administrative and information hotspot – will be further developed.

The institutions have turned to the Province of Limburg to partner them in this effort. In doing so, they are providing the Province with the unique opportunity to dovetail its long-term strategy (as set down in the Limburg agenda) with the strategic objectives of the knowledge institutes themselves, resulting in a classic win-win situation for the Limburg economy.

The complete Kennis-As Limburg programme (only in Dutch) is available in pdf (click here)

Source: Maastricht University

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