Lecture video: The Euro, the Union and Europe: the two years ahead

Title: The Euro, the Union and Europe: the two years ahead
Date: 22. April 2013
Speaker: Baron F. van Daele

Will the euro crisis have lasting effects on the economy (a stronger economy, effects on investment, the social costs), on the distribution of power in the Union (UK, the Franco-German couple, the Benelux, the new member states), on the institutional development of the EU (more power to Brussels, and the role of the 17), and on foreign policy?


Baron F. van Daele, MA, Former Chef of Staff of Van Rompuy.

Van Daele was a Belgian top diplomat. His career spanned more than forty years. He was Ambassador in Italy and the United States, among others, and he represented Belgium in the European Union, the Security Council of the UN, the NATO and was head of several ministers of Foreign Affairs. From 2010 to 2012 he was Chef of Staff of Van Rompuy, the President of the European Council.

Van Daele is widely seen as the man who compromises behind the scenes, with a keen eye for practicality. He was one of the negotiators who were preparing the Treaty of Nice. Now he teaches at the “College of Europa” in Bruges and John Hopkins University in Washington.

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