Joining Forces: Maastricht School of Management and Maastricht University

Maastricht University (UM) and the Maastricht School of Management (MsM) intend to become partners. Both institutions offer quality academic education and research, not only in Maastricht but in more than 20 countries worldwide. Besides, MsM’s expertise in the field of management education for and in emerging markets and the UM’s strong position in the disciplines of health, economics, law and international administration are particularly complementary.

Future cooperation – under the UM umbrella but with MsM retaining its name, identity, brand and staff – will develop management education for both international and regional markets. This relates in particular to developing and implementing academic and postgraduate education in the areas of management sciences, economics, business administration and health sciences. The boards of both institutions aim to formalize this cooperation later this year.

René van der Linden, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of MsM, sees the unique power of MsM in its exceptional networks and relevance to the challenges of internationalization in both Limburg and the rest of the world: “With its 60 years of experience, MsM is specialized in emerging economies that show high growth. The management school is, especially given our alumni network, of capital importance for the internationalization of the province of Limburg. As an international management institute, MsM is a hidden gem in our province and provides great international development opportunities for the EUregion. The cooperation with the UM offers great opportunities for both parties. Together we will make this challenge a great success. The regional business community, knowledge institutions and government will get a powerful new impulse.”

Martin Paul, Chairman of the Executive Board of the UM, is excited about this organizational change in which the UM and MsM will shift closer together. A move that also translates itself into an intensification of strategic cooperation: “Because the UM and MsM will now structurally strengthen ties, expertise is bundled and we can benefit from each other’s strengths. Both institutions are specialized in education with an international scope and our networks complement each other beautifully. Together with the business community we can give a powerful impulse to management education, globally and regionally.”

For Wim Naudé, Dean Director of MsM, “This is a very timely and clever move. This is the evidence of the innovativeness and creativity that has become a mark of a very highly competitive and relevant higher education sector in Limburg and the EUregion. A winning combination has been created that I expect will in no short space of time make an impression on the way management science is done, taught and applied to society’s challenges. Keep watching this space”.

About Maastricht School of Management

Maastricht School of Management (MsM) is one of the most international business schools in the Netherlands. Attracting students from across the world, in particular from emerging and developing economies, it offers research-driven and internationally accredited programs in management, amongst others Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive Masters of Business Administration (E-MBA), Master of Science programs in Global Business and in Management and Engineering (with RWTH Aachen), Master of Management in Higher Education, as well as many shorter professional and executive courses. Its research-based Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program is ranked number two in the world.

About Maastricht University

Maastricht University (UM) is the most international university of the Netherlands and with over 15,000 students and almost 4,000 employees is still growing. More than 44% of the students and 30% of the UM’s academic staff come from abroad. Teaching and research at Maastricht University is organized in six faculties and focuses especially on international issues, with a strong European focus. Since its inception, the UM has worked with Problem Based Learning (PBL) and is the European founder of this educational model. With campuses in Brussels, Venlo and Bangalore (India) the UM also operates outside its institutional boundaries.

SourcePress release Maastricht University 21 May 2013

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