Jaap Dronkers to receive honorary doctorate from the University of Turku

Jaap Dronkers, Professor of Educational Performance and Social Inequality at Maastricht University, will be awarded an honorary doctorate on 31 May 2013 from the University of Turku (Finland). Dronkers will receive the honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Social Sciences from his supervisor professor Jani Erola. This award is in recognition of his worldwide renowned services to research into education, divorce and migration, as well as his contribution to the European social sciences master’s course (the European University Institute at Florence, Italy).

Professor Dronkers has had close ties with the University of Turku for many years. “We collaborate a lot with professor Dronkers in the area of social sciences research,” says Professor of Sociology Erola. “In addition we are also active within the European Network for the Sociological and Demographic Study of Divorce of the European University Institute (EUI), which Dronkers has helped organise since 2002. In the period that Dronkers worked at the EUI as Professor of Social Stratification and Inequality, he supervised various Finnish PhD students who had gained their master’s degree from the University of Turku.”

Jaap Dronkers works at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics and the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA). He has many publications to his name. For example, he has published about the causes and consequences of inequalities in educational and professional levels, changes in educational opportunities, effect differences between denominational and mainstream schools, educational and professional performances of migrants from different countries, the links between school/education and the labour market, the effects of divorce on children, cross-national differences in the causes of divorce, and the education of the Dutch elite and the European nobility. He also regularly participates in public debates about subjects related to his research.

Jaap Dronkers is best known to the Dutch public for the scores he has given to secondary schools since 1997. The scores are published each year in the Volkskrant newspaper (previously published in Trouw newspaper).

For further information about the ceremony on 31 May please see http://www3.utu.fi/promootio/en/

Click here for the CV of Jaap Dronkers and an overview of his publications. See this article about divorce as well.

SourcePress release Maastricht University 23 May 2013

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