Impressions of Maastricht Business Days 2013, day one: “One Step Ahead”

What did students think of the first day of the Maastricht Business Days 2013?

Talkin’Business collected some impressions.

Bram Vandewell, Treasurer, SCOPE|FOCUS (the study association for Finance students). Today Bram was manning the registration desk at MBD2013:

“By 10:00 am, we had 170 enthusiastic students registered for the MBD2013.  Despite the snow, our students braved the elements, and in their business attire, were eager, determined and very professional. Qualities  to be admired in our Maastricht University students.  They are “one step ahead” and that is why recruiters hire our graduates.”

David Sieweke, SBE alumnus (graduated 2011), currently IT trainee at ING in Amsterdam:

“It is great to be back in Maastricht for the MBD2013 career event. I got to know ING at the MBD several years ago. I really liked the IT trainee programme and my discussions during the MBD convinced me to apply as an IT trainee. MBD is a great networking event to bring students and companies in contact with each other.”

Marien Pastoor, President, Maastricht Business Days 2013:

“At 17:00hrs on the first day of MBD2013 it is nice to reflect back on the last few months and really great to see it all come together: intensive preparations, organisation, dedication and teamwork .

I am really satisfied that we could reach the goal of matching talented students with companies.

One of the highlights of the day was the visit by SBE Director Edward Peters and SBE Deputy Managing Director Marike van Helden.  It is very rewarding to have the support of the SBE.  And I was proud to show the SBE management team the successes of MBD2013.

I am really satisfied with the first day of MBD2013 and I look forward to tomorrow.”

Competencies as common language?

The education of students is organised around competencies. Are these the competencies employers are looking for? As part of SBE’s research “Learning in schools and organisations: Competencies as common language? , students were asked to complete a survey to help the SBE gain insight into the match between education and expectations of the current labour market.


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